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07 Dec 2023

Why Awnings Are a Must Have This Summer


Luxaflex's range of Outdoor Blinds and Awnings are specifically designed for the harsh UV and demanding Australian weather conditions.

Outdoor Blinds and Awnings can help shade the windows of your home, which reduces the reliance on air conditioners helping to save you from significant energy costs. They can also provide an extension of your home entertaining areas by extending your outdoor living space.

Did you know?

Windows are a big source of unwanted heat loss and heat gain in your home. Choosing the right window coverings means you can improve the comfort of your home all-year-round, reduce your power bills, and cut carbon pollution. Luxaflex has long been committed to creating energy-efficient products for Australian homes. Research recently undertaken exclusively for the Luxaflex® brand shows what kind of savings can be made by Australian households when they have an Evo Awning installed.

Save up to 60% on your home cooling costs

You can save hundreds every year on your cooling costs. An awning shading a window reduces the radiant energy passing through the glass into the room. When the radiant energy touches an object inside it gets hot, making the room hot. Considering that up to 88%2 of a home's heat gain in summer is through the windows and heating/cooling appliances use 41%3 of household energy, there are substantial long term savings to be made with the effective use of awnings, such as the Luxaflex® Evo Awning.

To provide Australian homeowners with a better understanding of the savings achieved with the Luxaflex® Evo Awning, independent modeling was conducted specifically to the Evo System. The savings will vary based on home construction, location, and orientation, as well as the type of fabric and colour of your Evo Awnings. External shading from Evo Awnings can reduce cooling energy costs by up to 60%1

Awnings such as the Evo MagnaTrack can also create substantial savings on a home's cooling bill. When combined with Luxaflex Spectra Sunscreen's ability to eliminate up to 95% of heat from solar radiation, the Evo MagnaTrack Awning can bring you long term savings and help you feel comfortable all year round.

Outdoor Entertaining

There is nothing better than enjoying an afternoon beverage or two with friends and family outdoors during the hot Australian Summers! Enjoy the perfect balance of sun and shade, whilst still enjoying the balmy summers breeze with Luxaflex® Folding Arm Retractable Awnings. Luxaflex® Folding Arm Retractable Awnings are available in a wide range of sizes, to suit every situation, from tiny terraces to large outdoor entertaining areas. 

Create an outdoor or enclosed room just in time for summer with Luxaflex® Evo Awnings or the Evo MagnaTrack. The Luxaflex® Evo Awnings range includes six models and comes in a selection of beautiful fabrics to shade your home - all featuring famous high-quality Luxaflex materials and smooth operating systems. The six Evo models within the range are available with many extras, including heaters, fabric valances, and bottom rail brushes. Featuring a range of awnings that provide privacy, UV protection, and insect resistance.

Light control and privacy

When considering an outdoor awning, light control and privacy are two main factors to consider. Luxaflex® sunscreen fabrics as featured in the Luxaflex® Evo Awning range come in a number of different levels of openness allowing you to select the amount of view-through in your awning, unlike traditional canvas fabrics which have a solid backing. 

Sunscreen fabric open style weave provides heat and light control whilst maintaining your view. Perfect for reducing glare and heat, Sunscreen fabric is commonly used on straight drop and pivot arm awning styles. Dark colours provide a better view-through than lighter colours, while light colours provide better heat reflection. Luxaflex® Spectra Sunscreen is our premium external fabric range and offers incredible strength and durability from its use of fibreglass yarn with Enduris Glass Core Technology. Luxaflex® Sunscreen fabrics come with a 5 year warranty.

Operating Styles

Luxaflex® Outdoor Blinds and Awnings can be operated with both Manual and Remote Control options. 


Most Luxaflex® Awnings can be motorised for added convenience. The motors supplied are of the highest standard, reliable and backed by the Luxaflex® 5 year warranty4. Motorised electric awnings are ideal for hard-to-reach windows and for people who may have difficulty with manually operating very large and heavy awnings. Motorised awning solutions can be teamed with sun, wind and motion sensors to ensure the awning is always shading the windows to reduce your home's internal temperature on hot days. These sensors allow the awning to automatically retract in windy weather conditions that could damage the awning. Selected awning motors can be run from solar power while most run from 240V hard-wired power and require electrical connection at installation. Operation via home automation systems and a variety of remote controls are available subject to the awning style selected.

Manual solutions

If you would rather control your Luxaflex® Awning yourself, we have an extensive range of manual solutions that offer easy and effortless control. All of our control solutions have been cycle tested to ensure durability for the life of the awning and no matter which option you choose, we guarantee smooth operation for years to come.

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1 Based on independent modelling conducted by White Box Technologies in conjunction with Peter Lyons & Associates, June 2013.
2 Source: BCA.
3 Source: Energy use in the Australian Sector, the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts; breakdown of energy for major end uses - 2007 Australia.
4. Refer to for warranty details.

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