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11 Aug 2022

A quick guide to customise your window coverings


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No two homes are the same, and style is something that’s very personal and unique.  It’s why the range of Luxaflex window coverings can be customised to your home and interior style. 

When you choose Luxaflex for your window coverings, you receive a personalised consultation with a product expert, whether in our showroom or in your home. This ensures you're choosing the product type, fabric, opacity, operating method and accessories that are the best fit for each window and room. 

Types of window coverings that can be customised at Luxaflex include:

Here’s a quick guide to some of the things you can customise:  

Size and Shape

Did you know that Luxaflex can produce blinds, shutters and curtains for a huge variety of window styles and shapes? This includes arched windows, sliding doors, sunlights and more. Our consultants will visit your home to create specific measurements before your coverings are created for you. 

Fabric and Style

We also offer a huge range of different fabric types, styles and opacities to suit different rooms of your home. Our expert consultants can work with you to choose a combination of materials that are right for your rooms. You can also request a fabric sample to be sent to you.

Opacity Level

This is something that many people don’t often think of initially, but which plays an important role in how much light you emit into the rooms of your home, as well as the overall look. There are three different opacity levels to choose from: 

  • Sheer - softly filters sunlight and offers a view through the window, whilst maintaining a discreet level of privacy.
  • Translucent - creates a soft, ambient light by filtering harsh light and dispersing it evenly throughout the room, whilst still providing daytime privacy.
  • Room-Darkening - provides maximum light and privacy control, and is perfect for bedrooms, as well as media rooms and home theatres.


With some of our collections, Luxaflex now offers a range of patterns to help you create a truly individual style in your home. 


There are even options to choose from with regards to the motorisation of your window coverings, and how you want to control them.

How to get started

If you're interested in finding out more about customising your window coverings, simply speak with us today.

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